Aishani Chatterjee
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My Love For Pretty StationeryđŸ„ș

But it's still kind of venting, just hoping that I have enough self control and not kind of try and buy whatever I can with all the money I have left in my purse. So I went inside and of course I just could not help admiring the beautiful spiral boundings and the hardcover notebooks. And there were even these diaries with white pages but with beautiful borders and the cover was beautiful


Palak Jain
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You know, your swell made me want to go shopping for such cute stationery and it is only me or just everyone else. Like I don't want to use those pretty notebooks and I'm just happy that I have these and yes that's it
Khushi Garg
@Khushii · 1:03

Yes! I too love cute stationary!! Who does not though?!

Hi Aishani, I can completely agree with you and I think that there is no one who does not love cute stationery. There's a shop near my home stationery shop of course, but that does not have a lot of skewed, spiral, diabetes and pens and all that. All those things. So I like to buy all these things on Amazon and I have wasted so much money on these
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

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Just want to ask one question that what exactly you miss now means you are in college nowadays and what exactly you miss which you are buying in this cold is for example the scrapbook and then watercolor and car on colors and all those things. What are the things, which you miss into is cool. Same thing you don't miss now or you miss now but you don't buy like that just a question
Irshad Alam
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Hi. Mary english. Sorry. Thank you. Thank you so much
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