Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 3:31

People Who Claim To Be "Equalists" And Not "Feminists" And Everything Wrong About It

Feminism is about bringing women up to the same level as men. There's equal pay, equal right to education, equal opportunities. That's all feminism asks for. And every time someone does this, someone claims to be an equalist but not a feminist. I'm sorry, but this just sounds silly. And it's high time that people actually educate themselves instead of kind of going on based on their warped perception of feminism. Because if not equality, then what is feminism?

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Pradeep Malarvannan
@pradeepmalar · 1:14
But yeah, this whole thing of equality shouldn't be a new concept because feminism is the equalism. According to what equalism sounds confusing. Either way, they are misunderstanding and making people misunderstand that feminism is different than equal. Take ideas and that's the wrong thing. Well said, ayeshaani
Manalika Das
@Manalika · 2:29
We can do so much better than you and we deserve all the things in the world. No, it's pseudo feminism and we are not a part of it. We are part of feminism, like where we want this equality, nothing else. And then they say, why isn't there something for men? I mean, we are here to talk. We are talking about equality because women have been suffering for a lot. Like, they have been suffering for a long time
Divyangana Haldar
@Divyangana · 1:04
They have read very, very, less articles and what is feminism all about? It there is this totally digression to what feminism is. They are just misinformed. So I think one should listen to someone who knows more about it and not just ran everywhere misguiding. Everybody else who are unaware of the term
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