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My Worst First Date

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"…So we go to the Mexican restaurant and once again the date is going very well, very smooth, the conversation is flowing. He's still very interesting. He seems very interested in me. And he does it again. He goes just like that. But he did it probably three to four times throughout the duration of the date. So I'm starting to think about it, which is not a good thing. And I'm just like, does he have a cold?…"

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Taylor J

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"…Hey, Jessica. That was a great story. Snorting is it's a funny one for me because I occasionally do it, but not not to the same degree that that person did. How you made it three dates. That is commendable. I haven't really had a lot of bad dates. I've been, like, ethereal monogamous most of my life. And in order to get into a relationship, you have to have a number of good dates, obviously.…"


phil spade

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"…And, you know, the only thing that I can remember that's even somewhat close was a person that on the first date just kind of would ask a question and then immediately ask a second question as I'm answering the first question, and that just would go on and on. And like, you, I was just like, Maybe it's just nerves. And I'll give the benefit of the doubt and go on a second, and it just never really stopped.…"

2nd and 3rd chances!


Jessica Alias

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"…But years later, I switched careers and I was trying to network through LinkedIn, through a bunch of all the people that I was connected to. And I was sending out outreach messages, just trying to grow my network and things like that. And I had forgotten that he was on my LinkedIn and he was one of the people that I messaged, and he was the only person that replied to my outreach effort. He said, I am so very sorry.…"



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Zara Lisbon

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"…Hey. This is so funny and also so traumatic to recall all of the horrible dates horrible dates that I've been on. Luckily, I've never been on any first dates that are genuinely traumatic or genuinely upsetting or scary or just your basic run of the mill, not very good ones. And the one that stands out clearest in my mind is I met this guy. I think it was on an app.…"


phil spade

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"…If something is not going to work out, don't you really want to know that before you invest a lot of time and energy and it makes it more painful? I've just never understood that. And I do think people can be very petty about that and know it's that human psyche of rejection that just kind of takes over. But for me, let's find out before this time and energy is invested.…"

Rejection is a funny thing! @Aim.For.Better

"…But this one, finally, we're going way back. Way back. I was 18 or 19. A friend was like, I think you would really hit it off with this person. The only reason she thought that, though, was because we shared our religious views at the time. Okay. I grew up in a very religious family. My parents thought they were prophets and so on. This is just a little background. So this guy has a car, comes and picks me up.…"

@Aim.For.Better A sign from God...


My Worst First Date

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