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A poem by Paula

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"…Nothing a high weight you got to love it uniform and assembly line creating little form product called this little Life of mine and I'm going to let it shine no choice too because the world is always moving changing but staying the same throughout all these phases while we run in all these races we only thought something line was at the end life is the pursuit of happiness but only to relieve the stress like the stretch before the rate the one in which we run in place.…"

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Deborah Pardes

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"…Paula. Thank you for this. I just found it. I just listened. It just was a great rhythm in my in my heart and head right now to start my day. And I appreciate your perspective on life as a rhythm and the rhythm of your heart, and it just it feels good. Thank you.…"


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Ty Dobbs

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"…Definitely could be just super powerful spoken word or maybe even rhythms to it could be added to whatever if you intend to it's it's got a natural flow, so just flowing with that. Yeah. Good delivery. Thanks for sharing. Here.…"

A poem by Paula

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