Scott Foster
@ADFoster · 0:14

Spend $10,000 in one hour..GO!

For my first. Well, I'm going to ask you one question if you had $10,000 but had to spend it in 1 hour. What would you spend it on

Money, #money, life

But the real question... @ADFoster

Okay, question first, can I buy gift cards? I need a little more time. See, I have a few things on my priority list. I need a new pair of shoes, some linens. But I also need clothes. And that takes time. So, yeah, I'd buy gift cards if you'd allow it. And then I would pay off debt. But the real question is, what would you do with it
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:41

A cool used Boston Whaler

I think the world is going to require us to have all sorts of weird gear, and I'm being half practical and half totally recreational. So I'm pretty proud of my decision

🧟‍♀️ @DBPardes

I can see it now, Deborah. The zombie apocalypse comes. You are the one best prepared
Seemab Zaheera
@SeemabZ · 0:28
Considering my profession, I paint. I would probably spend it all on art materials, get fancy brushes, a lot of paint, a lot of canvas. I don't know. Maybe I might venture into sculpture, picture by a lot of those sculpting wires and just experiment. Yes, I can definitely spend $10,000 within an hour, I would say within five minutes or so
Sage Logan
@Sage-NYC · 0:31

As A MUSICIAN - Instruments can go up to $200,000 USD!

Hey, Sage, here. So you got to give me a challenge. At least I mean, $5,000 given to charity. Easy donation, $5,000. By what I call it a piano or any other of the $5000 instruments that I could play buy, because I play a lot of musical instruments. And Hurdy gurdy start at a really good Herdy. Girdy starts at $10,000, starts at $10,000, so I could buy one of those in five minutes and have 55 minutes to spare
Georgie Dee
@GeorgieDee · 1:31

Make it last with this strategy. Plus Zombies yes Zombies

I want one of those. But the original question here on this cast, how would you spend $10,000 in an hour? You know what? I don't need or want anything. I'm not rich, but I just have simple needs and desires. But I've always fancied dabbling in the stock market, and I have a few friends who are very good at it. So I would buy shares, and then I can do whatever I want
Bernie Goldbach
@topgold · 1:20

I would buy a headstone, front some travel money, and gift cards.

Scott. I'd blew through that pretty quickly. $7,000. First to buy a grave. That's how much it will cost. Buy a plot and get a headstone. And then seven to travel time for family in Portland and seven for another family in Oregon. In Oregon and in Arizona. I live in Ireland. I want to put a solar roof on a shed with a power vault that cost another five, 7000