Is it Ganguly or is it Tendulkar for you?

Also, he did replace 311 ODIs and has a score of 11,000 plus. So their partnership in the matches the previous matches was quite amazing and commendable. They both have played 136 matches together and has amounted to a score of 6000 plus. And as far as I remember, the highest was 258 runs. And what I can recall was they had an average partnership of 49. So that was it. I just knew this much about Sarah Kangwoli and to speak about such, and there are so many matters
Sandipani Tiwary
@sandipanitiwary · 0:50
Hey, I am from Wiz, Bengal, and I absolutely understand the craze of Gangoli in Bengal, like people in Bengal, are absolutely crazy about him. But personally, for me, Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest there has been and the greatest there will be. But I understand the case of Gangoli in Bengal because he led the side at a time when things were not that easy