Favourite sport?

Hey guys. So I know that in our school life we all had been associated with some or other kind of sports. And we were into sports at that point point of time. And growing up just I feel that when we grew up, sports thing has been detached. And so today I was watching and I was just reminiscing my olden days. Do let me know what's your favorite sport because I would love to know yours
Hey, this is my first time using spell and I'm glad I stumbled upon this favorite topic of mind sports. Growing up, I always loved cricket. I love playing cricket with friends. Friends, particularly because we always had friends who are up for a little cricket game. As time went by, I got more inclined towards football. I love the game. I kind of make time to play football with my friends. Even now, I would watch the game all day long
@sanjanas08 · 0:05
My favorite sports would be football or soccer and volleyball
Pranav Rohit
@Pranavrohit_26 · 0:59
My favorite team is the NFL team called the New England Patriots. But I also like a lot of College teams as well, because I lived in many places around the country. But apart from that, I also love playing tennis. I don't mind watching tennis, but I'm more of a football American football type of person. That and basketball. But yeah, those are my top two favourite sport. And I used to play basketball as well
Sohini Joarder
@Rover_Phoenix · 0:06
My favourite sport is Ballington, basketball and sometimes track
Muskan Sharma
@Muskan_tkd19 · 0:08
Hi my favourite sports bar Taekwondo and badminton and I play all the kind of sports
Vaishnavi gupta
@Vaishnavi_1 · 0:21
Hey Addrita my favourite sport was badminton because I love to play it and I was a sports player at school and I used to play volleyball and basketball too but my favorite one was badminton only I was a straight level repair but then I have to leave it because all studies