Favorite binge watch series ?

Hello everyone. I won't be taking much of your time, but just want to ask you that what's your favorite series that you want to binge watch every time. And whenever you don't feel like to watch anything, you just go back to that time or you just go back to that series and you just watch it over and over again to let me know
Darshini Kumar
@Darshini · 0:13
I basically Binge, like all the English series and my top most all time Binge would be friends. I would have watched it like over a million times
Anitta P.J
@anittz · 0:07
For Maids, Vampires, The Originals, Lucifer, and Friends, of Course. Friends
Sohini Joarder
@Rover_Phoenix · 0:16
I would be very honest here. I've never binge watched a series twice, but if I had to, if I had to lighten my mood, I would watch the ball type. If I had to watch something related to Thriller, I would watch H TV