There has been a random thought that just popped up my mind that tomorrow my examination is getting over. And despite tomorrow being the last day of my examination, that I don't have any excitement. But I just thought that previous, earlier, when our exams used to get over and on the last day of examinations, we would have been so much excited that this was the last day and we've would be having so much of fun. And I don't know about this
Sohini Joarder
@Rover_Phoenix · 0:39
Hey, Addrita, you just spoke out my heart. I just had my infants get over after like a long one year of only studying and no fun. And that two from home. And they just got over, like last month, months. And I feel absolutely zero. I mean, while the exams were on, I was so excited one time other get over and I would feel happy. But once they got over, the happiness lasted only a day