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Your Top Five: Jason Harris

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"…Hi, friends. Hey, I'm calling this series your top five, since Swell is all about five minutes. And we're going to run with that theme until I run out of steam. Today I am talking to Jason Harris, who is an extraordinarily talented comedian, writer, director, producer, actor, polymath, perhaps living here in Las Vegas. He and I have crossed paths recently, and we're fascinated with one another. I think that's fair to say.…"

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Jason Harris

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"…So let's come back to restaurants on the Strip. Right? Because what I care about is the building of this place as a food scene and how amazing it's becoming as a food scene off the Strip. Let's look at that. And let's look at some of the best restaurants off the Strip. So you start with Raku, which is in Chinatown, which is the Japanese kind of robotic grill that's changed the game in Las Vegas. Endo.…"


Adam Paul

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"…Nothing like getting extra restaurant recommendations from a pro. Full disclosure, Jason and I had lunch yesterday at Kanara Thai in Las Vegas, which is on South Maryland and Karen Avenue, just south of Sahara. And I'm getting a reminder about my niece's birthday tomorrow. I got to get her a present. Okay, dude, let's talk about comedy. You are the grandson of a legendary golden age of Vegas comedy guy. Tell us about him.…"

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Jason Harris

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"…So we're going to do that and we're going to target the West Coast for the summer but anyone who's interested in that's an awesome experience and I think we're doing something unique, something fun, something different than most other comedy shows and we would love to team up.…"

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Welcome to Swell!

Adam Paul

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"…I love your love for your family and the legacy that you are carrying on. And I want to know more about your creative process. You write a lot of different things in different ways, from stand up to screenplays to reviews. The cultural touchstones that you're expounding on. So what's a day in the life of Jason Harris like as a writer, as a creative professional. Let's get into that.…"

Jason Harris

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"…I use that as a foundational draft and then it's take down and rebuild. Take down and rebuild. And as frustrating as that can be, the good thing about that is we have such a strong hold on these characters after that draft that it's really fun to write from then on. And it's really fun to write the first draft too, while you're exploring stand up comedy is a different thing, right?…"


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