mpilo thabethe
@Acey · 5:00

I'm going to be on Radio

It's crazy, man. And might have been achieved every single thing I want to achieve. But I've been blessed just to come. My blessings not to look at what I have achieved, accomplish it to come, my blessings. I am grateful, you know what I mean? So, man, I really hope it's going to be a start of a beautiful journey with my radio. Basically my radio Korean. No one's listening to this right now

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:39


Hey, AC. Oh, my God, that's fantastic news. Great to hear your voice. Sorry you lost your phone in a mosh pit, but that must have been fun. You know, I love the positivity. I love the idea of attracting people because you're you're in a great space. I agree with you 100%. I'm excited for you to learn all those new techniques and those new technology innovations that are happening in radio these days
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