mpilo thabethe
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Its my birthday.... Finally 20

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What is up? Well, it is covered. It's nighttime. Hearing Janice books have a fun lying in my bed. And today was my birthday. Yes. Most of you guys, like listening, are probably, like in different time zones. I know most of people listen to myself, like people that are overseas, mostly from Europe or America. So you guys are a couple of hours behind us. Probably when you listen to this, probably like 9 June

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Deborah Pardes
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I'm posting a picture of happy birthday that I just posted to Zaira who it's also his birthday. So you guys have to meet happy birthday to you AC now specifically because it's your swell and you just hopped on on here. I know you just got a good job and it's feeling up for you. So happy happy birthday may be a great year for you. 20 is an awesome number. It's just the beginning. Have a great one. It's
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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
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Happy belated!

Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day. It's making me think of when I turned 20 and it felt like a real accomplishment because it is so. I hope you're feeling it
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Welcome to Swell!

Zaire Ukuu
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What's the point of living in this world if you're not living to be a rock star? If you're not living a rock star? And I think that's dope. So, man, I hope you had a good time. Super late. But I just wanted let you know I like your vibes, man. I like your train of thought. Keep doing what you got to do. Stay positive and keep progressing. Peace
mpilo thabethe
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I know I'm young, but I don't want to use that whole time factor because a lot of people that speak to, like, you really just got to, like, from the get go, do what you have to do and operate this live chain. Just try to make the best of it. So I just want to say thank you for your message, and I'm going to take whatever you said to her. I'm going to give you a follow
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Hey, man, I know it's too late, but I still want to wish you happy birthday. Please enjoy your life. You're such a great and pleasant man. Yeah, I really enjoyed listening about your life and just it seems like I know you for Dbpardes for three or 40 days, although you are living just 20. So happy birthday. Wish you the best
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