The Alchemy of Bread - a poem fit for the spooky season

I would say no. Oh, no. This is not the only time or place. There's been a sacred mixture of the elements. It has been done since time began, when the great watchmakers smashed them together with his hands. Then we climbed out of our monkey trees and the gift of reason allowed us to think. It has been thousands of years we as a species gathered things of the earth and the air. Fire and water. Can you imagine it? Another matriarch practicing alchemy

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Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 0:57
And I like that you just played and bring it out, and I liked hearing it in your own voice, so thank you. Lovely and curious. I feel like you have to make bread, like, be a bread baker, at least in your own free time, because you knew all of these steps in this process and it was something worth writing a poem of out for you. So is that true? Do you bake bread? Have a good day
Wren .
@aBirdieOnaWire · 2:13
But yeah, there was a time where I was trying to bake bread, I guess once every couple of weeks. And so it became, after a couple of years, a repetition of kind of knowing what's involved with it. And so when I took this creative writing class some years later, the knowledge was still there and I was able to put that down to word and rhyme. But thanks again for listening. Take care
Swell Team
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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:50


And it is connected very, so beautifully to that whole cauldron idea of this weird stuff, this ancient recipes that go from generation to generation. And, you know, what happens when we partake in these rituals and what old souls come through us because we're doing such old rituals, participating in them for the sake of inviting this mystery
Wren .
@aBirdieOnaWire · 3:08
That's not something that I regularly do. I'm more of a songwriter. But for this class, I thought after that kind of jumping off point, that kind of starting the blank page, it was relatively easy to kind of start putting together these elements. I really wanted to try and incorporate the idea of the female triune, the maiden crone