Sponsors Calling

So last time I was talking about how we will convince our sponsors. We started thinking of making scripts. We were idea thing. What can we give to the sponsors? Why would a sponsor sponsor us at all? We came up with many ideas. There were many upsets send down as well. Some would just cut the call or some will give us hope. They will ask us to make proposals and send it to them and we'll never pick up the call again

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Chaitanya Aggarwal
@chaitanya · 0:44
You know, nothing can be more relatable than this. We started calling two weeks before. I think so. You know, some numbers are Invalid numbers. They go like spilled off or not attending. Then some rightly pick away. They are the right numbers. And as you pointed out, we sent proposals, but they'll never pick calls again. So yeah, I'm hoping on the third party, eventually we'd will start gaining sponsors. They are looking forward to it