Semester 2 drama

We will have to go through the experience of starting from the scratch again, made a WhatsApp group of the new division and some of my peers in that group suggested that we should get a mail to the coast coordinator and Dean explaining why it will be hard on us to change division now, as the Offline lectures haven't started yet, and being in the online mode, we had made really less friends, we all have to carefully explaining our concerns

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@anshahuja · 0:23
Genuinely speaking of a shake, I think in the online mode, it's really very difficult to make new friends. And that too, when your section is getting changed, it's a whole lot of mental pressure. It's a whole lot of social pressure. So good thing that you spoke up for it. And it's a great advice for us first years as well. In case we face a similar situation, we can write that to the team
yashvi birla
@yashvibirla · 0:24
I'm also pretty worried that my division might get changed next year, maybe next semester, because obviously don't want that to happen. But again, whatever you did when your division got changed, you made the Dean aware of it. I think it was a pretty great initiative and it will really help us foster students in case something similar happens with us
Devam Shah
@deworm · 0:09
Well, now that offline starts. I hope that doesn't happen, like at least with our semester one people
Vansh Poddar
@Vansh1 · 0:17
Hey, Abyshaik, thank you so much for speaking to the Dean Ma'am, because generally it would have been difficult for us first as well to change divisions and make new friends after we've been completely comfortable with the ones we have with the friends we have. Great. Now with the division we have right now
sarvagya chawla
@sarvagya.123 · 0:28
First of all, amazing swell. And yeah, I think like my mentors also saying that our divisions might shuffle or something might change because, you know, some people just pull out their applications at the end. I mean, just start of the first semester. And even if it's online, I have made some good friends. Like, I really like them. I just hope our division doesn't change online or offline whatever
Pushkar Goel
@Pushkar_173 · 0:11
And if I believe we all have to go through the same thing in the next semester, the divisions will be shuffled, but obviously most of us don't want them to be shuffled. So I guess this trick might help us to