The lady of my dreams

Aphrodites I call thee bless my soul take me to her a journey untold mysterious spirits hiding in dark where's the sunshine of love to embark on the lady of the night come to me for passionate I am you can also see dusk approaches but no news of her the one sided stories are always fun oh Kana, someone has Radha's beauty. O Kanah, someone has Radha's beauty don't be jealous when I embrace that beauty

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 0:37
Hey, Abhinav, it's a beautiful poem and I really love the mythological references, you know, and you have taken from a wide range of mythologies. And, yeah, as I said, it's a beautiful poem. Loved how you recited it, loved your diction. And I really hope that you will be sharing more such poems and write ups with us as well. And I will be totally looking forward to that. And, yeah, keep writing