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Joe, our main character, falls in love with a girl who walks inside the bookstore one day where he works instantly. He falls in love with her and wants to do everything to protect her, make her feel happy and safe. Sweet, isn't it? I would reconsider after meeting and talking with Beck aka the bookstore girl. He goes down a social media rabbit hole to learn everything about her

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Samiksha Bharti
@Samiksha_B17 · 0:02
I have watched it
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Abantika Mukherjee
@abantikaxo3 · 0:08
Hey. So Richard did you like watching the series? What was your opinion about the whole twist that happened
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Margaret Latenser
@Maggiel6 · 0:18
Okay. I love the show. Watch all three seasons, and we don't have to get into the other seasons because you're kind of just highlighting the beginning, but really good, really interesting. There's a lot of, like, twists and turns that go into it, and I love it. So I'm ready to keep talking about it
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