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Abantika Mukherjee
@abantikaxo3 · 2:37

Ryuk and his obsession with Apples - Abantika Mukherjee (Death Note)

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He also said that the human world apples are very juicy as compared to the apples which were in his world. Even stated that he was addicted to apples. Like humans get addicted to alcohol or cigarettes. Ryuk exhibited symptoms of withdrawal if he went without eating apples for a while. These symptoms even included contouring his body into uncomfortable positions and it would make him totally desperate and he would do anything just to eat some apples

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Vivek Kumar
@vicky_60_ · 0:37
Yeah. Yoke is quite funny. Death not and just you have said that he is fond of apples. While being God of death, he must be fond of wine or wild things. But in his world, we have seen that there is carcity of foods and there is not that much greenery. And the taste of apples are quite not that much good as in the human world. I that's why he's fond of those apples. And yes, I appreciate your thought to have that's
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