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Aashisha Chakraborty
@aashisha · 2:44

What's your worst misadventure?

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I think writers derive a lot of inspiration from weird things and bad things and funny things happening to them. I still remember when I was going on sales, and it was one of those retailers who were super, super rude and wouldn't really talk to you because well, because you're a woman. And they'd be standing, and they'd be like, why did you come here? I'm like, excuse me. I work here


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Ramya V
@Ramya · 3:31
So I sat back on my desk, a bit relieved, trying to get back to work, and a couple of minutes later, I see my team lead stomping up to my cubicle. I'll never forget the look he had on his face. And, oh, boy, there was a fine row that happened. A couple of other TLS had to get involved to sort things out. But once everything was out in the open and grievances were openly shared, something unexpected happened
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Imdad Pasha
@Talks · 4:21

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Everyone were just like the labors, the very basic labors who used to who has do like who has not done graduation like they have past 10th, 11th, 12th and old people. I was just 22 that time and the people around me were 28, 30, 40, somewhere in that age. And it was a biggest misadventures where I was sitting on the floor
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