Things in lockdown

Hey guys. So capsule I am into those small activities. Jinqua field. So one of them was photography in lockdown. I did so so many photographies sales, portrait, mobile photography, all those things. And the second was the video on YouTube. So in lockdown, I started my own YouTube channel so I can't expect that to do that much. But I really enjoy doing that. So do tell me, trust me

Do tell me what are those activities which you enjoy doing now. #lockdown #activities #sayitonswell

Chandrika Devi ;)
@Devii_official · 0:38

This lockdown thought me to take a break!!

Thank you for bringing this up. But then in this lockdown, the only thing I did was to learn how to take a break. Jattagmajaya, they have been stressing about life for a very long time, and I think that's how we get adult too soon. This lockdown taught me to stop and take a moment of break for yourself and realize, what are you doing for yourself as a priority? And I think that is one takeaway I would like to keep within myself for next of my life
Satyam Tiwari
@satyamtiwari · 0:28
Okay. During lockdown, I got addicted to YouTube. Like, I just suffer YouTube suffering that's it could be the Crown, could be legit, could be the YouTube and can activity was like socializing. To be honest, I wasn't that social, first of all. But during the first lockdown, I literally got open upkebathi
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Aakansha Girdhar
@Aakanshagirdhar · 0:10


Hey, baby. I really love the step towards self care, and I hope that it brings more efficiency to your work and your life
Aakansha Girdhar
@Aakanshagirdhar · 0:22


Hey Satyam, I know watching YouTube is so much of enjoyment and that's a great step that you started socializing because I am an introvert and I can't socialize with people easily wish and I hope that I bring that to my life really soon