Aadit khajuria
@Aaditk24 · 1:23

My trip to the Dzongri pass⛰️ pt.1

I wish you could have been there to see it and not just the view, but the people I met while on the trail were amazing as well. They were from different parts of the world and listening to their stories with the time flies, I met different kinds of people, ranging from a retired old couple who had been on eight such tricks to businessmen who were here just to take a break from the hectic schedule


Rashi Kothari
@Rashi21 · 0:12
Wow. This truly sounds like an amazing trip you had with your friends during those four days, and I would definitely love to visit this place after hearing your experience. Thank you for sharing it to us
@Viraj_Modi · 0:08
Sounds like a very fun and awesome trip and I do hope to visit to this place once I get the chance. Thank you for sharing your experience with us
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