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Aadit khajuria
@Aaditk24 · 1:54

My trip to the Dzongri pass ⛰️pt.2

On our very first day, we tried to Cook. Maggie, Maggie, it's simple to Cook, right? However, we did not realize that we were in the middle of the bite and there are meant to be insects in places like these. I believe you already know what happened next. It was already dark and we did not have any ready to eat food with us now, being a Gujarati and some of you may relate comes with its perks


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Vansh Chopra
@Vansh · 0:19

I love trekkinggg

Your swell reminds me of my trip. I mean, I went for a trekking trip to Kadar Kanta with my friends. And like we were 40 people. And I went with two of my school friends. It was just an amazing experience. Like braking is one of the best things ever
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@Viraj_Modi · 0:14
Sounds like an amazing experience. The way you have recounted this tale is awesome as well and I must accept Treks are one of the best activities to do, especially with your friends. They are amazingly fun and certainly things to remember by
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Rashi Kothari
@Rashi21 · 0:09
Wow. This definitely sounds like a memorable trip for you. I wish I could do this with my friends, too. And thank you for sharing your experience with us
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khushi baheti
@Khushib · 0:22
Hi Adidas for sharing this amazing story. When I went checking, I was convinced that landslide is going to happen or there's a ghost behind me. And in snow I was convinced that there are snow Leopards around. But yeah, in the end, just like you said, the final destination was just so beautiful. And yes, it was all worth it
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