Dayakar Rapaka
@Wizdaya · 4:43

Overcoming Depression: The Road to Happiness

Mental health disease, normal daily activities, enjoyment of life and interpersonal relationships may become challenging as a result. So you may overcome depression and resume living a happy life with the correct resources and assistance. Acknowledging your struggle and seeking treatment is a first step in recovering from depression. As sadness may make you feel isolated and as though no one is interested in you, doing this might be challenging
Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 2:02
And I guess then the next step becomes seeking professional help. And professional help might not be accessible to many, and that's still something that needs to be looked into. But yes, if someone really needs professional help, someone realizes that one needs professional help, one must try their best to seek that help. And I guess this is how one can take the first few steps of dealing with depression
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