Debra Barb
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Welcome to the Long Haul

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to my very first swell. My name is Deborah and I am a coveted long hauler for over a year and a half now. And my main goal is to connect with the long haul, to connect with their support systems and offer anything I can regarding my journey so far, things that have helped, things that have hurt, to just offer that to anyone else who is dealing with long haul COVID

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Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 0:43
Hi, Debra. Welcome to Swell. And first of all, thank you so much for starting this conversation. I'm not experiencing COVID longhaul, but I know others that are and I just sent them this Swell because I think it's so important to have support and conversations around this and to not feel like you're alone. So thank you so much for this. And I look forward to listening as well. And I will invite others who I know are struggling with this as well
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