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Pastor, Chaplain, and a spiritual realist who has experienced the supernatural. I am here to talk about life, relationships, weightloss, real ish!

Brandon Neal
@PastorNeal · 4:19
Not Letting Church Hurt Stop You

How has Church hurt and religious trauma affected your life, calling, ministry, or connection to the church?

Brandon Neal
@PastorNeal · 1:59
What do you know about Demons?

As I do my dissertation, I am looking to hear about peoples stories about demons. Do you think they are real? Or are they a figment of imagination?

Brandon Neal
@PastorNeal · 2:26
Diabetes Medication for Weightloss

In a recent Doctor visit I was prescribed Metforman for weightloss. I’m not diabetic but they are giving me a diabetes medication. Any thoughts?

Brandon Neal
@PastorNeal · 3:21
Tales of A Healthcare Chaplain

This post is about end of life experiences and amazing supernatural events witnessed in the hospital or hospice care setting

Brandon Neal
@PastorNeal · 2:30
COVID 19 Recovery Process

Fatigue, Brain Fog, life after COVID 19