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Manickam M
@miraklemanickam · 2:27
Mirakle Wellness Clinic -An Introduction


Desmond Antony
@Desmond · 0:49
Second birth

On going treatment #leukemia -ALL

@ramarthangam · 4:45
As I walked inside the fear of Cancer started slipping away ...

Cancer Survivor: Colon and Liver Cancer

Manickam M
@miraklemanickam · 0:39
Parkinson’s and Mirakle
I had no sensation in my legs, they felt like wood.

Diabetic neuropathy #Rheumatiod arthritis #

Kavitharam Ram
@kavitharam · 1:36
It's unbelievable

IBD #ongoing treatment #

Muthuvelappan pon
@Ponmvelappan · 3:13
Miracles always happen when you believe

Pneumonia cured

Manickam M
@miraklemanickam · 0:36
Mitochondria and HIIT


Manickam M
@miraklemanickam · 0:13
Interview on Alternative medical Care


Manickam M
@miraklemanickam · 1:58
World Cancer Day- There is hope in alternative medicine

Cancer cure alternative medicine

subramaniam k
@subramaniyam · 2:00
Saved from amputation

Diabetic gangrene toe

Pradeesh Kumar
@Pradeesh · 1:00
Fighting ovarian cancer

Ongoing treatment

Arul K
@drarul · 1:01
In conversation with Dr. Haresh Mehta

Wellness series talks #1

Mirakle Wellness Clinic
@Mirakle · 0:38
My husband feels confident of a recovery...

Cancer survivor: CA Prostate

Mirakle Wellness Clinic
@Mirakle · 1:21
I didn’t want Breast Cancer to come in the way of my duties as a Mom

Cancer survivor: Breast Cancer

Mirakle Wellness Clinic
@Mirakle · 5:00
Finding my way through Cancer to serving the community..

Cancer Survivor: Basal Cell Carcinoma

Saravanan Kaliannan
@Pappathi · 3:09
My journey through rectal cancer

Cancer Survivor : Carcinoma in rectum

Joseph Joseph
@josephjobai · 3:43
You don't need to fear Cancer

Cancer Survivor: Rectal Cancer

Ramesh Krishnan
@Bhuvansasi · 5:00
I am now leading a normal life, free from Cancer

Cancer survivor: Rectal Cancer

Balakrishna Murthy
@Balakrishna · 4:59
I never ever thought this will happen to me ....now its just a bad dream.

When confidence works magic

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