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Sameer Chavan
@MelodiousSameer · 3:05

Phirta Rahoo Dar ba dar cover song for KK

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तेरी सदा हो गयी? देख ले? कि जिंदगी? हाँ? क्या से का हो गई? जब से। बिछड़ा हूँ रब से कहता हूँ कितना सुना है? मेरा जहा केरता रहू? उंदर, मिलता रहे। तेरा नुसा हो के? जुदा? तब में। जिया। तू। है। कहा? में कहा?
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Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 0:33
hi? thank you? so much for motivating? as all? with your wonderful? music? and i actually love? the selection of your songs? every time you come up? with a song? which is literally? which makes us? field strong? and which actually make is feel? happy? and hilly motivated? without so? thank you so much for coming? up it such kind of music? and helping us to reजuanatearsels? thank you a lot।
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