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54_Mahak Bansal
@Mahakbansal2004 · 2:14

True/fake love✨

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Fake love plays games, hide their feelings and tries to manipulate the emotions of others to gain the upper hand. True love is self sacrificing. Fake love always wants but it wants. True love gives from the heart. Fake love give because it wants something in return. True love forgives and fake love seeks vengeance and true love appreciates you for who you are. Fake love tries to change you into the perfect ideal. True love is romantic intimacy and love making. Fake love is just sex

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Author Krishvipriya
@krishvipriya · 1:21
Hi Mahak. Your poetry was beautiful. I don't have any experiences in true love. But what his Chris Kurt Angadas Prabhu says about true love is in every relationship there's castle impediment, discomfort and unhappiness. In spite of this, when the relationship does not change, it is known as love. So what basically it means is love is love. Love needs not to be a trade which 90% of relationships are these days. Relationships are these days based on last more than love
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