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Lisa Roy
@Lisaroy7 · 5:00


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But still according to me, I love nature a lot and I really enjoy myself in between the nature. And as we know that nature has a swell and sweet feeling, a sweet emotion when we sit near the nature, when we stand nearby nature, we connect ourselves in many ways, in a many situations, in many circumstances and we feel that yes, this is us and this is me. And we connect ourselves a lot by standing in front of nature, by expressing ourselves through the nature

Hey swell family there many beautiful things in nature which make us more beautiful …..

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Shashank Sehgal
@SSS135 · 2:27
Hi Raja. I heard your swell and it is really amazing. And you know, I cannot tell you that I love nature so much. But again, the problem is that there are so many people who don't have the privilege to be around nature. Because I live in Derby, which is metropolitan and you cannot see nature anywhere there
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