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komal luthra
@Komal_luthra · 1:40

Spilling beans on Subconscious mind! Check this out ❤️

article image placeholderUploaded by @Komal_luthra
And it was just a wonderful hour, an entire hour of wisdom, even for me, for the listeners, for anyone. Because what you get when you mix a bookworm, a nice podcast host, and the subconscious mind, of course. So we created some content that will make you smile, wonder and think deeply. So I wanted to share that episode from Cutok Radio with you all. I'm going to leave a link here in the description box

My recent podcast appearance on Cut Talk Radio!

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Dharmin Chanda
@bombayblues · 0:18


Hey, Komal, thanks for sharing the link of your podcast in here. We'll suddenly check it out. Also, kudos to you for having got such a wonderful opportunity to do a podcast like this. Cheers and stay blessed
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