Internal housekeeping

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Good evening. Today I've titled my message as internal housekeeping. You know, in this experience of tapping into my special gifts and growing closer spiritually to God and the earth and all my surroundings and other people, it has been brought to my awareness that the demons of my past become more active and prevalent. They sense in me the battle I'm waging. So they're coming forth, threatening to disrupt my light, put out my light
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J Wang
@jsmwang · 0:58
Hey, first of all, I love the title of this, well, internal housekeeping. It really brought an image to my mind. Just everyone always says, you know, clean house, clean mind, or, you know, organizing your environment, everything having its place. It does wonders for your mind
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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:11


And that whole idea of let go of God being unburdened is such a beautiful concept, and I just love the image there. And, Jay, it's something I know you asked about the process for that. I think I'm interested also to hear Cathy's approach to it and where it comes from. I've been doing it for years at different holidays, just to do the symbol of putting things down intentionally and then burning them and letting them rise up
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