Esha Panchal
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Jayeshbhai Jordaar

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So guys if you have missed watching it in theaters don't forget to watch it on OTT platforms. It's a must watch movie you should watch. Just add it in your bucket list. Guys do watch it. I insist you guys because this is so amazing movie and don't forget to share with your family and friends to watch it because this is a movies of the year guys because it's beautiful, just beautiful storyline, the cars, the dialogues, it was just amazing


purnima P
@purnima04 · 1:31
But still they can't reach the fandom of like Shara Khan or Salman Khan movies which are full of sexist, misogynistic jokes and songs. And I think movies like these don't hit the box office yet because they don't, I think pass the check of item songs and all that. But I think industry is changing. Movie evaluation is also happening. And such movies should really be encouraged. Have a nice day. Thank you. Bye
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