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Esha Panchal
@Eshap · 0:39

Which movie would you like your life be like ?

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Hello everyone and welcome back to Other Swell. So in this movie station, I am sure all of us have our own favorite movie or the movie which we like the most. But at times when we watch a movie we all think I wish my life would be like this. So I want to ask a question to you guys. Which is your favorite movie and which is the movie you want your life to be like?


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Samrat Raj
@Lucky3876 · 2:50
The second part, however, keeping A Chart, the Movie That I Would Like My life to be based on has not been produced yet because I Wish To Do Stuff In My Life that Would Inspire A Filmmaker to Make A Buyer pick Of My Life
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Tanishka Singh
@Tancy_0818 · 4:59

@Eshap great topic ❤️

I definitely want that to be the best thing ever. That's something that's just what I want. That's life. Like the movie. I think my life I would like to be like, this makes no sense. My English, but it's a marathon word, I think, ygxe, I would like it to be like that. That's very embarrassing to say, but I think I'm just talking about the romantic part. I think that's one aspect of it
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