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Dr.James Epstein
@Dr.James · 1:27

Domestic Violence TV Show

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Hello, I'm Dr. Jamie Epstein from Mine, My life coaching center here in New York City. On July 6, we're going to be having a live cable TV show on MNN Network Manhattan neighbor neighborhood. It's at 01:00 p.m.. And we're going to be talking about something very horrific that's happening in our communities and happening all around the world. It's called domestic violence in our community communities

Talking about Domestic Violence in our community

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Varun Aich
@varunkaich · 0:48
Yo, what's up, doc? Once again. Hey, what's up? How you doing? So you know, doc, first of all, you know this Dr. Epstein? I don't know why? It's kind of ringing a bell. I don't know if there was some other famous Dr. Epstein. I don't know. I'm not able to remember. Probably four shots down, so I will. But anyway, okay, coming back, domestic violence TV show
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