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Aylwin Ratnarajan
@AylwinR · 0:21

#MyProfile | Aylwin Ratnarajan

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I am aylwin working in a bank basically from Nagarpoil settled in Kadalo. My wife Sarah a pediatrician. She works for government. I'm already


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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 0:21

Hi. Welcome on swell. My name is Aishani, and I'm a part of the Swell team. Along with this reply, I'm attaching a link to another Swell which I think you might really like. So do give that spell a listen, and if you like it, do drop a reply on it. And that's basically how you can connect with more people on the platform and start your self asking journey. So welcome once again
article image placeholderParadoxical situations of life which teach us important lessons
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