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it's Arman
@Arman · 2:42

Time Travel

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So time travel is just a concept between certain points in time, similar to the movement between different points in space by object or a person, it's typically with a device that you already know, time machine. So the first novel that published regarding time machine was by At Gwal 89. Is it really possible that time travel is possible in these days? It is not possible now. But there is some theory that is given by the famous scientist Albert Einstein

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Mtwadamela Ijogo
@Mtwadamela · 2:15


But to answer your last question, if I could go back in time, would I? Oh, yeah. One person I would definitely have liked to have met is Bruce Lee. I would have liked to have sparred with him, see if I can learn anything from him. But outside of that, probably the two people I would want to travel back in time and just watch them is my mom and my dad
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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:18


Like Interstellar really asked us to think about that movie because it was years, and it magnified it so much because it was so many years that when he came back, his daughter was old. But I think our own concepts of it, you were saying you're not going to talk about it, but I think what's so fun about talking about it is it really when we think about time travel, it is that fusion between science and imagination
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It's like, oh, I would go back in time to stop my brother from shooting up his last heroin before he died. No dead. It's just stuff like that to where it's just sad because they make it too personal. Like my dad from getting into the car before he committed suicide by driving off a cliff
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Tanya Mahajan
@Tanya30 · 1:52
These are the physics and the mathematics concept that can't be easily understandable. So I really like your explanation so about what would I do if I tend to get the chance of time travel in the past. So I think I would correct the mistake that I have done in the past or something like that. And I would really love to go back to time and watch my loved ones and find the ones I truly love and care for even before the time that I was not able to
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