Little things

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So what Little Things excels is that it shows a very realistic portrayal of romantic relationship and it portrays the struggles it faces because in a sequence I'm currently now in season three and then there's this long distance relationship. So it is also showing the hardships as well as the advantages of long distance relationships. How to keep it going


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You know, little things actually, you know, matter a lot in any kind of relationship. If you are, you know, remembering and doing little things for people, it actually shows that you really care and you're making enough effort. So it actually motivate other person to do much more efforts. And if the cycle goes on, it is a really healthy cycle
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Thank you so much for posting this. And, you know, I haven't watched this series, and I was a bit confused that I should watch this or not, so yeah. But after listening to as well, I think I should definitely watch it. And thank you so much. It was a great well, thank you. Bye
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