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"Nothing pains some people more than having to think." Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Please visit

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Why Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is Near the Top of my Hero List


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@AllenMarquis · 0:58
How Do You Deal With A Loved One Who Struggles With Depression?

#Depression #MentalIllness

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@AllenMarquis · 2:43
Is It Just Me???

#hate #stophating #love

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@AllenMarquis · 1:21
Training Is Not The Answer In My View For Police Reform

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Happy Mother’s Day!!

#mothersday #relax #thankyou

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What Will Be Considered "Normal" For You As We Transition Out Of The Pandemic?

#Covid19 #Transition #Reopening

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Take A Listen To Shahnaz and Marc

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@AllenMarquis · 0:25
Have We Lost Our Civility?

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Does The Wearing Of The Mask Cause One To Look Pitiful or Sad?

#Covid-19 #mask

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@AllenMarquis · 0:46
We Are A Stiff-Necked People Here In The United States

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@AllenMarquis · 4:07
Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

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My Favorite Podcast - THE MARC MEDLEY SHOW

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@AllenMarquis · 0:33
What Are Your Thoughts On Sugar and The Growing Market For Sugar-Free Foods?

The market for sugar free food continues to grow as more and more of the population are being diagnosed as pre-diabetic or diabetic.

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@AllenMarquis · 1:39
Did The Pandemic Cause Us To Move Out Of Too Many Comfort Zones At Once?

#COVID-19 #Pandemic #Coronavirus #2020 #comfortzone #routines #newnormal

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Take A Listen To This Podcast

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A Very Energetic Podcast Episode - Take A Listen

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@AllenMarquis · 2:47
If You Knew You Only Had 10 Summers Left In Life, How Would You Spend Your Last 10 Summers?

#3score10 #Lifeexpectancy #retirement #livelife

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@AllenMarquis · 0:41
I Refuse to Watch the Derek Chauvin Trial


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@AllenMarquis · 1:04
Is It Really That Hard To Love Each Other As Human Beings?


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@AllenMarquis · 0:36
The Threat of Linguistic Imperialism
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@AllenMarquis · 1:40
Watching Childhood Cartoons As Adults

#spongebob #Flintstones #Jetsons #cartoons #perspective #lens

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@AllenMarquis · 2:33
Somebody Please Help Me Understand This "Royalty" Thing.

#meghanandharry #theroyals #royalty

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@AllenMarquis · 3:00
What Is This Pandemic Doing To Our Psyche?

I invite you to read this in it’s entirety at

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@AllenMarquis · 3:32
Have You Ever Thought About What Life Must Be Like For Those Who Cannot Read?

What must life be like in 2021 for those who cannot read. I’m interested in hearing your responses.