How do you feel after a failure?

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I was really confident about myself that I'm really going to answer things well and confidently without getting nervous and I started the interview nicely but the way but when it got finished and in the middle of it I took two breaks to get myself all right because in the questionnaire session there were moments where I became completely blank because I lost my confidence at moments where I wasn't able to answer the things well and where the interview panel was not convinced by my thoughts at the end of the interview although they didn't say anything

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Varun Aich
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Here. Thank you for bringing that up. You know, it takes a lot of guts to talk about failures, first of all, and it takes a lot of confidence to do that. So I don't think you like confidence. I think you have a lot of confidence. Now, what happened in the interview, it has has happened to almost everyone in this planet. So you basically froze when you went to the interview. When they asked you questions, you froze
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